We are the 99%

By Mariana Santos | Guardian Datablog

When Americans are asked how US wealth is distributed, they think the very richest fifth should own up to 40% of the national wealth – and that includes 90% of Republicans surveyed. In fact, that richest group owns 85% of the nation’s wealth. Those surveyed also thought the bottom 120 million people should own around 10% of the national wealth. The reality: 0.3%

Nice animation by Mariana Santos based on this data-set.

Major foreign holders of US debt

By Simon Rogers | Guardian Datablog

The amount of U.S. debt owned by China – the biggest foreign owner of US Treasury Bonds. As of autumn this year, US Treasury bonds owned overseas accounted for $4.7tn of the national debt – up 8% on last year. That’s not everything – the US now owes over $14tn in total.

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